It is an honour that you have visited our website. Regarding this, we would say that if you are seeking an IELTS institution and want to attempt this test then, we will warmly welcome you by informing that we are presenting Three Free Demo classes in the beginning if you have not attempted the test earlier. This service is provided just to inform you about the IELTS road map and to share with you the academic activities from Monday to Thursday and Friday.


IELTS is an English language testing system, which is conducted by British Council and A.E.O. across the world for entering into the European countries either for study purposes or for immigration. This test plays a key role for the visa industry and is inevitable for the two kinds of public as mentioned above.

Regarding this, there are so many IELTS academies who are providing their services to the IELTS students and SHAMS IELTS ACADEMY is one these academies providing its services since 2006. We have some exceptional status out of many IELTS teaching institutions, which are given below, giving us a unique place in the array of IELTS academies:

  • 3 FREE classes are given in the beginning of this course if you have not attempted the test earlier.
  • Students are not charged for any kind of class activity material including the MOCK TEST cost.
  • SHAMS IELTS ACADEMY students are also given ONLINE class if they could not visit academy for any reason quite free of cost, within the same fee package. They are not charged any additional cost for this online privilege.
  • Our academy is in the list of Top Ten IELTS Academies in Lahore and in this top ten list, none of any other academy is providing all these above mentioned services.
  • Apart from this, we are British Council recommended preparation centers and working as British Council Partner in Johar Town. The link on the link button
  • British Council Partner

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6-8 Weeks

Classes are conducted from Monday to Friday.


IELTS mock test is conducted on the day of Friday at morning and evening sessions.

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